Saturday, June 6, 2015

Vegetable Cake

Vegetable Cake
Rachel Cooke
(age 14)

Dawn dropped a dense slice of moist chocolate cake on a plate, silently praying that her little Beckett would eat it up. At his latest checkup the doctor said that he was lacking in vitamins found in fruits and vegetable, and she knew why. He hated them and absolutely refused to eat even the smallest crumb of anything nutritious.

 Earlier this afternoon, while she was scrolling through her Instagram feed, she had spotted a chocolate cake recipe someone had made using avocado and beets that claimed to not alter the chocolatey, delicious taste of the cake. 

Dawn immediately clicked the link for the recipe and got to baking. Hopefully, Beckett would like this and finally get some nutrition and vitamins after such an extensive period of time without them.

 "Come here Beckett!" she called loudly, her voice ringing into the playroom where Beckett was sitting on the floor building a lego sculpture. The joyful two year old quickly hopped up and ran to where his mom had set the cake on the table, a fork and napkin lying expectantly beside it.
 Dawn held her breath, tense all over, as he scooped up a piece and put it into his mouth. She awaited his sure-to-be-awful critique as he chomped away.

 "Yummy!" he cried as he put another piece in between his teeth. 

Dawn released her breath and sighed a giant sigh of relief. I guess I'll just have to be more creative with my cooking. Dawn was already planning the next recipe. 

(assignment for Lesson #4 of Polliwog Writing Lessons )

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Anonymous said...

Good story, Rachel! Sometimes it does take
creative means to get kids to eat vegetables.
Keep writing!