Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Winter Journey

The Winter Journey
Meagan Szemerda
(age 14)

   The falling snow blows into my eyes, blurring my vision. I can barely see as I race through the forest. Massive trees shake ain the howling wind. I fear for my life. If one might fall on me, I would surely perish. Some of the lower branches whip across my face and arms, leaving me not only cold, but in pain. I attempt to dodge them, but to no avail.

   I urge my trusty steed, Bandit, onwards through the storm. I must make it back to my love before Christmas Day. I had promised her I would be there, and I am a man of my word. I started my journey across the woods this morning in an attempt to beat the oncoming storm. 

   I hear the soft patter of my horse's galloping hooves hitting the snow-covered ground. If I were not in pain, I may have found it soothing. Some coyotes or wolves howled nearby. 

   I see a light a couple of hundred feet ahead of me. A warm feeling sparks in the depths of my stomach. I smile in anticipation of seeing Cordelia again. Soon I was halting Bandit in front of her cottage and lowering myself from him. I hope it will be okay for me to take him into the barn for shelter. I do, and feed him an apple before retreating into Cordelia's house. 

   A crippled man welcomes me. I assume he is Cordelia's father.  As I introduced myself, a beautiful blonde girl in a red dress envelopes me into a hug. "My love! I have missed you so!" 

(assignment for Lesson #3 of Polliwog Writing Lessons)

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