Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Very Bad Cook

A Very Bad Cook


Julianne Cole
(age 13)  

                Sam was a very bad cook, he loved to cook but he was a bad cook.  Sam’s mom was a cook and Sam's dad was a cook so Sam wanted to take after them with opening his own business.

                  Sam worked at taco restaurant. Sam never cleaned his restaurant, never bought new food until all the food is gone, and didn't cook the food well.  It was always undercooked.
                 One day Sam was working at his restaurant, and he tried to make tacos. The guy who ordered a taco only wanted hamburger and lettuce and tomato. But Sam did not cook the hamburger, because he did not think you had to cook it. When Sam served the guy his taco and the guy bit into it looked concerned. So Sam asked what was wrong. The guy yelled that it was not cooked and left. 

                Sam’s business lost all his customers, so the building had to be shut down. Sam was not happy, so he went to a cooking class. He learned how to check if food is cooked and to make desserts.

                 Sam was doing a lot better after that. He tried opening a new restaurant called Sam Italian Restaurant. He was making pasta and making good business.

(assignment for Lesson #2 )

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