Thursday, April 21, 2016

Easter in Bryant Pond

Easter in Bryant Pond
by Ashley Jones, (age 17)

 This past week millions of people
 around the world celebrated Easter
 in some way. Easter eggs hunts, 
Son-Rise services, and ham dinners 
have always popular during this one 
Sunday each year. In Bryant Pond, 
the little country church had their own
 special way to celebrate the risen Lord.

 The congregation's day started 
promptly at 8:30 a.m. They had 
been passing out “Resurrection 
Sunday” invitations around town 
for weeks. As each person entered
 the fellowship area, they added 
another delicious dish to the already
 full table. The long food table con-
tained everything from quiche to 
pancakes, to muffins, fruit, juices, 
and coffee. Every person found a 
place with friends at one of the round
 tables spread throughout the room.

  After an enjoyable breakfast,
 everyone young and old gathered
 in the sanctuary for a family-
oriented Sunday School lesson. 
At 10:30, their morning worship 
service began. The singing of “He 
Lives” filled the building with an 
air of joy and gladness. The choir 
sang a touching arrangement of 
“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.” 
A powerful sermon was  preached 
by Pastor Matthew Jones entitled 
“The First Resurrection.” 

God's people again gathered for their 
6:00 evening  service for more 
singing, preaching, and fellow-
shipping. It was a highly antici-
pated day filled with celebration 
of the Lord's resurrection.

(Assignment for Lesson #18 - News Journalism)

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