Saturday, December 17, 2016

Midnight Tea with Germa

Midnight Tea with Germa
Hannah Aldrich
(age 13)

I call my grandmother "Germa" because my older siblings could not say "Grandma" when they were little. She lived in New Jersey. We lived in Maine, so it was quite the trip to her house. My family and I were there for a few weeks one summer. I was about five or six years old. My bed was on the floor of Uncle John's room, but I could not sleep. It was late at night. I got up and tiptoed to Germa's room.

Germa?” I whispered.

What are you doing out of bed?” she whispered back so not to wake my sleeping Popop. (my grandfather.)

I can't sleep. I'm scared of the dark.” I was afraid something would jump out from under Uncle John's bed.

I know what will make it all better.” I followed her into the kitchen, where she made me a little cup of tea. “Don't tell your mother. This is our secret. Okay?” I nodded. I finished my tea and crept back to bed. The next morning, Germa and I exchanged a knowing look across the breakfast table.

This is my favorite memory of my Germa. There are lots of others - like when she would pay us to do math with her. Some times she took me shopping and bought me cool stuff. One time, she bought me a small black and white stuffed puppy. I asked her what I should name it and she said “Snowball.” So to this day, his name is Snowball. My Germa and Popop passed away when I was about seven or eight years old. I have many memories of them that I will forever cherish.

(Lesson 14 - Memories)

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