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Fluffy and the Crippled Man



Fluffy and the Crippled Man
Gracelyn Beaulieu
(age 14)

            On a cold, winter day, a crippled man decided he would go for a short walk. He had not been for a walk outside in a couple of days. While the falling snow was lazily drifting down, he could still see well enough.  

            Limping along, he looked ahead and saw something brown lying in the fluffy snow.  When he had come to it, he noticed it was a tiny field mouse. He quickly realized it was not dead, because he saw it shivering. The crippled man picked it up and walked back home with it snuggled up in his warm pocket.

When he sat down on the couch in his house, he patted it and gave it a little warm water. It instantly perked up and made a little wince. He decided to name his little friend Fluffy, to remember he had found it on a cold, snowy day.

Fluffy was the crippled man’s second pet. His first pet he already had for five years. It was, a cat named Joy. Joy loved mice, especially catching them.  With that being written, you can just tell that Fluffy and Joy were not the best of friends.

One day, the crippled man gave Joy some milk, and cut some cheese for Fluff. 
All of the sudden the telephone rang. He went and answered it, leaving the slice of cheese on the counter. The mouse was impatiently hungry! Fluffy climbed up on the counter to have his snack, while Joy was slurping up her milk.  The man was obviously not paying attention. Joy, knowing that animals are not supposed to be on the counter, happily jumped up to bat Fluffy off.  Squealing, Fluffy ran across the counter and down over the side. Joy, close behind, knocked over a vase of flowers and broke the vase.

           The crippled man hung up the phone just in time for a scared mouse to be rescued into his hands. Fluffy and Joy were scolded, but so was the crippled man for forgetting to feed his animal before he picked up the phone.  

(assignment for Lesson #2 - characters)

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