Saturday, April 12, 2014

George the Teensy

 George the Teensy
Ashley Jones
(age 15)

My name is George, and I have a BIG problem. I am terrified of spiders.  All spiders are as big as me.

One day as I was taking a bath in my favorite teacup, a hairy, eight-legged creature chased me off the counter and onto the floor. If you know me, you would realize I NEVER leave the kitchen counter, it is my home and the only safe place for someone like me. Anyway, the mean old arachnid continued to chase me until I found a large chocolate chip cookie crumb hidden under a dust bunny. I threw it to the spider, and climbed back up to the counter as quickly as I could. Forgetting about my half-finished bath, I decided to take a nap. My little match box bed is as comfy as any other bed, but all I could think about was me being a spider snack. Horrendous nightmares filled my head day and night, I knew that I needed to face my haunting fear or live with it forever.

So, for the second time in a week I ventured off the kitchen counter with a match in my hand and courage in my heart. I searched for a while to no avail. Hitching a ride on a stray ant made the going a lot quicker, I soon saw evidence of my fear: a giant spider's web woven with an intricate design. On the web sat the spider, waiting patiently for his prey. All of a sudden he spoke to me, “What do you want”, he asked in a booming voice. “I- I didn't know you could talk", I stammered unaware of my shaking hands. "Most people want nothing to do with me, I just wanted a friend", the spider replied.

     So that is the story of me, George the "Teensy ", and how I made friends with a spider.

(Assignment for Lesson #2 
of Polliwog Writing Lessons)

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