Saturday, April 26, 2014


Core Values 
Scott Thompson
(Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps)
(age 15)

               What if the Air Force core values never came to be? “Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence In All We Do” would never have been the influence that so many cadets would repeat daily. They would not have an example to follow for the rest of their lifetime. Not only that, but the cadets who would eventually make up this community would not have its foundation, it solely needs and has today.
                First, let’s take the phrase “Integrity First” It always judges our decisions from day to day. For example, it decides whether or not to put little or no effort in the weekly uniform inspections we have. It also has a meaning whenever we have a mile run to keep on going even if you cannot take another step. It also has a spiritual meaning, too. It would mean that whenever we are out and about, us Christians would have to watch our every thought and word, so that if one would happen to be listening, they would hear the positive and not the negative in our conversations. It should be the object of the Christian to let them know we are “not of the world” (John 17:16). We are of God.
                Next, “Service Before Self” also comes at a price for us cadets to look for ways to serve not to be served. There is a common saying that goes,” You feel better when you give, not when you get something.” or something to the like.  We tend to be at a giving spirit just at Christmas time. However, we should be in a charitable spirit all the yearlong. That also reflects on your character. Remember the popular story of the “Scrooge” where the boss decided to give the worker a day off for Christmas, a thing that he had never done before, and that night he got visited by the ghosts….. and so on. Even though we like the story, the boss had the reputation of not giving his employees a break. If we be like the boss and be all grumpy all the time, we will never consider others and the things they could possibly need at that time.
                Last but not least, “and Excellence In All We Do” explains how we do the job that someone has told us to do. If you just do it with a bad behavior, you most likely will have to do it the right way time and again and some in authority would take that the way you didn’t mean to express. However, there are times in which the person has the excellence part down and it’s just part of their nature to get it right all the time.   

  (original and unedited)              

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Flora said...

This is a real blessing to read, Brian. I'm glad to know there are young people like you who are serious about serving the Lord while you are young.
Also, I think you look great in your uniform.
God bless you,
Flora Sawyer