Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Fancy

My Fancy
Zachoia Cooper
(age 15)

The hills are green 
The air is still
It's still and clean
The hills roll on

On, on and on
Far past the sight
Past the horizon
Still they roll

The air is muggy,
Stifling, thick
The air is sultry
Secure, patrolled

By insects. “Buzz.”
Forewarn the bees
Covered with fuzz
Patrolling hills

With dragonflies
And ladybugs
With butterflies
Ants, mosquitoes
In an oak tree
Where I am perched
Is told to me
The hill’s secrets

But I am hot,
And I am sticky
So I will not 
Remain here long.

I close my eyes
See pleasantly
A fancy rise
Behind my lids

The hills, the trees
The grass, the air
The houses, eaves
All cuddled by
Snow and

(original and unedited)

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1 comment:

Yvonne Blake said...

Zachoia, I love the peacefulness of this poem - and the surprise ending!