Saturday, February 14, 2015

STRIKES QUEST (Chapter Five)

Brett Glidden
(age 15)

Chapter 5
Strike streaked through the forest hoping he wasn’t too late. As he came closer to the canyon, he heard cries and roars. Strike burst out of the forest to see many dragons fighting against the beast. It was snapping, trying to get the Lightning Dragons as they flew around its head distracting it as the other dragons attacked. The beast’s hide seemed to be made of metal. The dragons tried to wound it but it was just about impossible.

Glow roared as he and the other dragons raced over and attacked. Strike slashed at the beast’s legs but his claws just scraped against its hide and did nothing. He raced up to the heads and tried to inflict a wound there but it was useless. He realized the other dragons were having the same problem.
“Watch out!” called Speedy as the beast threw a dragon straight towards him. Strike dodged, but the thrown dragon crashed against the cliff’s edge, and because his wings were wounded, he fell to the bottom of the canyon. That gave Strike an idea. He raced over to Glow who was desperately trying to wound one of the heads.
“If we tear the beast’s wings, it won’t be able to fly and maybe we can somehow push it down the cliff.” said Strike breathlessly.
“Good idea. Golden Dragons, to me!” Glow commanded.
Glow quickly told the dragons Strike’s plan. They split into two groups and flew to the mighty wings. Even the wings were tough as they tried to split them. Finally, Glow chomped down on the wing and it split. The beast howled in pain as it crashed to the ground right next to the canyons edge. All the dragons grouped together and charged straight at the beast. The impact caused the beast to fall into the canyon. It screeched with pain and fury as it fell to its death. The dragons roared with triumph. Star came over to Strike and Glow. One of her wings was missing. “Well done, Strike. You saved the tribes,” she said. She turned to Glow. “Thanks for coming. Without your help we would have been destroyed.”
“We would never back away from dragons that needed help,” replied Glow. He called his dragons and together they flew off.

A few months had gone after the Battle with the Beast. Twig had recovered and was happily hunting again. He never went to the canyon again.  The tribes recovered but the Fire Tribe hadn’t returned. Star jumped onto a large rock and called a meeting. “It is time for Thorns to get his first mission,” she said. Before dragons could become warriors they had to have completed a mission first. “Thorns, your mission is to find the Fire Tribe and persuade them to come back. You leave tomorrow.” Thorns nodded his head in acknowledgement. “Meeting adjourned,” said Star as she went into her cave. Twig flew over to Strike. “What happened? I missed it,” said Twig curiously. “Star wants Thorns to bring back the Fire Tribe,” answered Strike. “Lets go hunting.” Together, they flew off to hunt in the opposite directions of the canyon. Claw watched them leave. “Almost everything has returned to normal since the attack. There is peace once more,” he said to himself.

The end

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