Saturday, February 7, 2015

STRIKES QUEST (Chapter Four)

Brett Glidden

 Chapter 4

Strike landed on the ground and looked around. This piece of land was huge. It seemed to stretch on and on. Strike realized that there wasn’t a tree for miles. He wondered how in the world could these dragons could have any protection without trees. Strike wandered around looking for the dragons. Then he spotted one climbing out of a huge gaping hole in the ground. Strike flew over to him. “Hey!” he called. The other dragon roared in surprise and tumbled back into the hole. “Where did you come from?” the dragon said as he climbed back up the whole.

“It’s a long story, but I need to see your leader.”

“Well come on then,” replied the other dragon as he led Strike down the tunnel. “By the way, my name is Speedy.”

When they reached the end of the tunnel, Strike stared in amazement. There was a huge cavern and other tunnels leading to it. Golden Dragons were everywhere. Some were eating while others were digging new tunnels. He heard from one of the tunnels noises from baby dragons “Who’s this?” asked a dragon close by. “Uh, I am not quite sure. He said he needed to see Glow,” said Speedy. Speedy led the way to a smaller cavern. “Glow a stranger wants to see you.” “Bring him in,” came a voice from the cavern. Strike slowly walked in and didn’t see anything. Then a dragon came out from behind a rock. “Why are you here?” asked Glow. Strike quickly explained his predicament. “I remember your leader,” said Glow after Strike had finished. “Of course she wasn’t leader then. She was just a hatchling and I was a trainee. I will help. On one condition. That you will never tell anybody about our camp.”                      

"I will tell no one,” promised Strike.

A few days later, Strike and ten Golden Dragons, including Speedy and Glow arrived at the mass of land Strike lived on. As they made their way through the territory of the Fire Tribe, Strike knew something was terribly wrong. There were broken trees every where and a nasty stench filled the air. Strike made a detour to the Fire Tribe’s camp to see what happened. When they arrived, he gasped. The camp was utterly destroyed. There was not a dragon in sight. “What happened?” Strike wondered aloud. “Looks like the beast got here before us. Let’s go in case he’s still here,” said Glow. “I have to see if my tribe is alright,” replied Strike as he shot off. He streaked through the forest and arrived at his camp. He was relieved to see two dragons guarding the camp, but realized that they were very unnerved and scared. The guards jumped when they saw him. “Strike you’re back!” exclaimed one.

“Yes,” replied Strike. “Good to see you again Claw and Silver. I also brought the Golden Dragons with me. What happened to the Fire Tribe?”

Claw looked as if he were afraid  the beast might come out at any moment. “It was terrible. Yesterday we suddenly heard screeching and wailing. We all wondered what was happening. Star was just about to send a patrol to see what the problem was when it stopped. Soon the remains of the Fire Tribe came and said that a hideous monster attacked their camp and destroyed most of them. They then flew off.”

“That’s terrible. How’s Twig.”

“No better, no worse, I’m afraid”

“I need to see Star.”

“You can’t. She isn’t here. After the Fire Tribe came, she got the other tribes together to attack the beast. She and most of the tribe left a little while ago.”

“What!!!” exclaimed Strike. He turned to the Golden Dragons. “ We need to leave right away.”

“Right,” replied Glow. “Lead the way.”

Claw watched gravely as Strike and the Golden Dragons flew away towards the canyon.

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