Sunday, February 1, 2015

Strikes Quest (Chapter Three)

Brett Glidden
(age 15)

Chapter 3
Strike burst into the camp and ran into Star’s cave. He told everything to her.

“This is much more dangerous than I thought!” she exclaimed.

 “What are we to do?” asked Strike. 

“There is only one thing to do. Go across the ocean and ask the Golden dragons for help.”

"The Golden dragons?”

“Yes. At first they were thought to be just a myth. But when I was almost a trainee, one came from across the ocean. They are faster, braver, stronger, and kinder than any other dragon tribe. They will help us, that I know.”
“How do I get across the ocean and find them.”

“I do not know how to find them, but to get across the ocean is simple, but dangerous. There are many islands that stretch across the ocean. At night, just land on one, and the next day continue your journey. However, no one knows what is on the islands. There could be nothing. But there could be great danger.”

“When should I leave?”

“Tomorrow morning. I will try to gather the other tribes to help if you fail. I give you only one month, for we cannot let this beast roam for long.”

The next day Strike thought about his journey while gobbling down some prey.  The shortest way to the ocean was to go through the Fire Tribe’s territory and after that, the Water Tribe. Strike gulped. The Fire Tribe was very protective of their land and often attacked other dragons a soon as they saw them. Strike would have to go through as quickly as he could. The Water dragons were not a problem at all. The section of their land he was going through was a swamp and they barely checked on it. He would be fine going through there. Strike finished his prey and set off. He soon reached the Fire Tribe territory. Strike landed on a tree and looked around. No dragons in sight. Strike streaked off, flying as quickly as he could. He flew through without any trouble. He had no trouble with the Water Tribe either. Soon, all he could see was water.

Strike flew for many days, resting on islands then starting again the next morning. Still, no sign of land besides islands. The day went by and he stopped at the next island to rest. He soon caught a couple turkeys and was eating when he suddenly felt an immense pain from his head and everything went black. He woke up and tried to move, but realized he couldn’t. He was strapped to a fallen tree by vines. Suddenly, monkeys appeared from the trees screeching. Many of them had coconuts in their paws. “He’s awake! He’s awake!” they cried. The leaves from one of the trees parted and a monkey, bigger than all the others, hopped down from the tree. He walked over to Strike and began inspecting him. He had a sharp rock and suddenly slashed Strike. Strike roared in pain. The monkeys started screeching and jumping. Strike tested the vines and realized that the vines weren’t that strong. He broke the vines and shot upwards then dived down to attack. Then he realized that he had made a big mistake. The monkeys threw their coconuts at Strike. Strike was hit by a dozen at once. Roaring with pain, he shot back upwards out of the trees and headed towards the ocean. He wanted to get as far away as he could. He flew on and on and finally reached the end of the island and kept on flying. He would have to find another island to rest on. Strike found another one and landed, cautiously looking around. When he was sure that he was safe, he curled up and went to sleep. 

The next morning he set off again, traveling for many hours before landing on an island to catch his breath and eat. He caught a goat and finished his meal. Then he heard a roar and a tiger burst out of the bushes and leaped on top of him. Strike snarled in fury as he rolled on his back, squashing the tiger. Then a second tiger came out from the trees. Strike stared at the two, not daring to make any sudden movements. The tigers looked at him hesitantly. They both leaped on him at once. Strike slashed and bit as he struggled to get free. Finally, one of the tigers gave up and fled. Soon, the other fled also. Strike licked his wounds then flew off again. He flew on and on. Then in the distance, he saw something. It got bigger and bigger. He realized with a jolt that it was a massive piece of land. He heard a screech and turned to see a golden dragon diving into the water. He came back up with a huge fish in his mouth and headed for land. Strike flew as fast as he could. He had found the Golden dragons!

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