Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy Opposite Day

Happy Opposite Day!
Ashley Jones
(age 17)

 "Today is Opposite Day," Tommy proudly announced as he opened the pantry door.
     "That's nice, Honey. What should we have for breakfast?" his mom asked.
      "Mom, everyone knows that on opposite day, breakfast is at supper time and supper is at breakfast time. Please, can't we have spaghetti? It's my favorite," Tommy pleaded.
     "Ok. I guess this sounds like fun, Tommy".
     So spaghetti for breakfast it was. They even had meatballs and garlic bread to go with it.
     "Yum, Mom, that was so good," Tommy shouted as he wiped the dripping plates and cups.
     "Well, what else happens on Opposite Day?"
     "Hmmm," Tommy placed a plastic cup in the cupboard, "Lets go swimming!"
     "But Tommy, it is the middle of winter," Mom dumped the dirty dishwater.
     "I know! We can go to the community center pool. How about it, Mom?"
     "Let's get some beach towels, Tommy, we're going winter swimming!"
     Tommy and his mother had a great time swimming and splashing at the pool. Before they knew it, it was time for lunch. They decided to stick with the Opposite Day theme, so, they had ice-cream sundaes. Mom and Tommy continued to have fun all afternoon, doing everything opposite, of course. They read Tommy's favorite book backwards and even tried talking in backward sentences.
     "Hey, Tommy."
     "Yeah, Mom."
     "How about pancakes and sausage for breakfast?"
     "That sounds great!"
     Dad got home around "Hi, Honey, I'm home." He breathed in deeply. "What's for supper?"
     "Breakfast, you mean," Mom replied.
      "We're having pancakes, Dad, because it is Opposite Day!" Tommy filled Dad in on all the exciting things they had done that day.
     "Tommy, make sure I'm on my day off next time you plan an Opposite Day!"
     "OK, Dad, I will. Does next Thursday work for you?"
     "That sounds perfect," Dad laughed.
     Tommy and his family made it a tradition that they have Opposite Day at least once a month, but they never forgot their first ever Opposite Day.

(assignment for Lesson #13 of Polliwog Pages Writing Lessons)

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