Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Morning Hunt

Paige Doskas
(age 15)

     Ellen was woken by the sound of her noisy radiator turning on. Slowly turning over to grab her old,cracked phone off of her side table, quickly glancing at the time.

    "Oh heavens! I slept in. Foxy must really have to go to the outside," she said to no one in particular.
   "Foxy, Foxy, where are you?" She cheerfully chanted, hastily searching her beautiful, New York apartment. Foxy shouldn't be that hard to find. She was a one hundred pound pit-bull. It wasn't not like she Pug or a Chihuahua.

  "Oh, maybe Jack took her out." With that she put on her pink slippers and fluffy, Betsy Johnson house coat. As she did, she made a mental note to tell Jack to fix his radiator. (His apartment was always freezing since it broke.) With that she made a mad dash down the empty hallway.

  "Knock, Knock," said Ellen in a girlish tone.

  "One second. I'll be right there."

  "Sure,sure," she replied in a mocking tone right as he opened the door. His bedhead seemed uncontrollable, and his pajamas were obviously that one pair of old PJ's that you never throw out, but pray that no one sees.
  "Why, hello! To what do I owe the honor of having you at my door at this ungodly hour?" he snorted.  "It's ten o'clock, but I was just wondering if you have Foxy in there with you. When I woke up she wasn't there around, Did you take her out?" questioned Ellen. 

  "Um, not that I remember. Do you think she got out on her own again?"

   Ellen groaned. "Oh, I hope not. We will never be able to find her."

  "She always comes home. She is a smart dog. Go home, take a nap, and wait ," he yawned.

  "OK! Thank you, Jack."

As Ellen turned to go to her apartment, she heard a thunderous bark coming from outside. When she finally got to the stairs where the noise was coming from she realized that it was Foxy.She was lying under the creaky steps.Wondering how she might have gotten outdoors. Ellen began to explore. Quickly noticing, the door at the back of the building had been left opened. 

  Returning to Foxy's side, she heard a small squeak. Curiously, she began to look around for the thing responsible for the sound, and she realized that Foxy wasn't alone.  

  "Oh Foxy, how could I not have known you were having puppies? What a wonderful surprise!" she said while scooping up a sleepy puppy. After spending an hour carefully looking over the puppies and making sure there were no complications. She scooped all the puppies up and said to Foxy, "Come along then. Let's get you inside. We have some beds to make."

  With that, the tired mother got up and made her way out from under the stairs. Together they started to make their way back indoors - to start their happy little family.

(Assignment for Lesson #4 of Polliwog Writing Lessons)

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