Saturday, March 19, 2016

Love For Nature

Love For Nature
Angel Sanford
(age 15)

One of my favorite  places to go to,when it is not snowy or damp, is In a pine tree in my back yard.It is about 3 feet wide and at least 50 feet tall.I usually go there when I'm upset about something.It has a rough bark with some moss growing on it.
      When I sit up there I feel calmed. I can smell the sweet smell of pine needles,and can see the rock wall below me tangled in raspberry bushes. I like to listen to the birds chirping and listen to the talk grass swishing in the breeze.
       If I sit very still,the wrens, robins, chickadees and blue jays will perch next to me like they  know I'm  upset and they have come to cheer me up.i love nature and animals.Where ever I am in nature I feel like I'm at home.

(assignment for Lesson #1 - Observation)

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