Saturday, March 12, 2016

Three Weeks

Three Weeks
Ashley Jones
 (age 17)

     As the doctor pulled the door shut behind him, I finally allowed the tears to fall. Our little boy, Danny, looked dwarfed in the big hospital bed with teddy bears surrounding him. He was only three years old. He should have been running around and getting himself into mischief, but instead he lay silently in the bed, hooked up to more machines than I even knew was possible.

     It seemed as if the doctor could only give bad news in the past few weeks, but I truly didn't think it could get any worse. I held Danny's limp hand as I reminisced about his short life.

     Justin and I had prayed for two years for a child. God truly blessed us when He sent our son. Danny had always been such a sweet child and healthy, too, for the most part.

     I thought my heart would be ripped apart, though, when he was diagnosed with aggressive leukemia when he was two-and-a-half. The doctor would shake his head with a furrowed brow, but Justin and I prayed. We had faith that God could heal our son.

     Several different treatments were attempted, but Danny seemed to worsen by the week. I spent many hours just clutching him close to my chest as I prayed. When the big test was approaching, we enlisted our church family and everyone we knew to pray for good results.

     The doctor tried to break the news softly, but I almost couldn't breathe as I tried to hold back the tears. Danny had three weeks to live. A mere three weeks. I didn't know how I could possibly let go of my precious child. God seemed so distant.
*     *     *

     It is hard to believe that nearly four years have passed since that heart-wrenching day. Justin and I choose not to grieve over what Danny could have been. Today we rejoice over what Danny is- a healthy and spirited little boy. To this day, we don't know how God managed to pull through. The only thing that matters is that He did. Danny is running, playing, AND getting into mischief every day now. Recovery took a while, but he is as strong as ever. He has a little sister now who joins him swinging in the backyard and building with blocks. Danny was days away from losing his life, but now he has many exciting years ahead of him. As he continues to grow and learn, I find myself often wondering what Danny will be in the days to come.

(assignment for Lesson #16)

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