Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Donchees

The Donchees
Kenny McKenzie
(age 17)

Large round eyes watch from the shadows as the hiker heads to the outhouse. With night-vision keener than any humans, the donchee watches until the door closes. The creature steps into the moonlight and looks around. He really is a comical sight, huge eyes set over a bulbous nose, only two feet tall, with long arms, large feet and a potbelly. A quick signal from his hand brings more of these silly men scurrying forward. With quirky grins on their faces, they proceed down to the recently vacated campsite and begin poking their noses into the hiker’s belongings.

One of them finds a cooler full of ginger ale. Taking a bottle out, he starts to shake it to see what is inside. Not hearing anything, he unscrews the lid and is blasted in the face with the fizzy liquid. He slams the lid back on as another donchee comes up to him giggling. The second one grabs the bottle, shakes it some more, and opens it, sending more ginger ale into his face. With both of them giggling, they each snatch a bottle and scamper off to see what else they can find.

A donchee crawls out of a backpack with a small pocketknife. Another grabs a lighter. Two others open the metal bear-proof cans and help themselves to some cheese and sausages. A couple of donchees sneak out of the tent, one holding a pencil and a bar of soap, the other with a t-shirt tied around its neck like a cape. The sound of the outhouse door opening sends them all into the woods with their prizes. They come to a small dark hole and one after the other hop in.

Donchees don’t take much--just little things like, the bar of soap, or the pencil. Most people attribute the disappearances to their own carelessness, “I must have left my knife at the last campsite,” “I guess I forgot to pack enough cheese,” or, “I must have left that shirt at home.” No one bothers to wonder why they all seem to disappear at once. And while they’re assuming this, the little donchees are busy planning their next escapade into a world completely oblivious to their existence.

(assignment for Lesson #13 - Silliness)

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