Friday, September 2, 2016

Burst of Flavor

Burst of Flavor
Evie McKenzie
(age 15)

Lilian’s face twisted into a concentrated look as she roasted the Starburst at the end of her stick. She slowly turned it until it was drippy then set it on a plate. She couldn’t wait to try it, her friend had given her instructions on how to roast it and assured Lilian that she would love it.

After a few minutes she poked it. Then slowly she picked it up, placed it in her mouth and bit down. She closed her eyes and sighed as the hardened Starburst gave way to a gooey, fruity, candy.

She savored it as long as she could, and the whole time she had an enormous grin on her face! Then once she had swallowed the last bit, she reached for another Starburst to roast.

(Assignment for Lesson #15 - Show vs. Tell)

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Kitty said...

Hey! That's so cool! I never thought to do that with Star Bursts. Don't do it with grapes. (Grapes are gross that way!) Keep being clever and talented! from: Hannah Aldrich