Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Shadow Man

The Shadow Man 
Hannah Aldrich

 Long long ago, there was a man - tall, slim, brave and handsome. He wore a long dark trench coat, a hat, and tall black leather boots. He often smoked a pipe and always kept to himself. He was a quiet man - mysterious and well-known. 

   He lived in a small broken down house just out of the city of London. He always had his faithful English Fox-Hound, Terror, at his side. The people called the dog Terror because if anyone came close to the man or even tried talked to him, Terror would growl from deep inside his throat and threaten them, but the man would say “ Move along.” in his deep lonely voice, and the dog would follow orders and keep moving. The man was like a hero to his city. He always showed up at the right time. The people called him the Shadow man because he always kept to the shadows. No one knew his real name. 

  The city was infested with thieves and idiots with guns, counterfeiters, black markets, and more. One cold September night, a gunshot followed by an ear piercing scream, rang out through the foggy city. A thief had broken into a house, owned by the Whitakers, and tried to steal their money and precious belongings. 

  He got caught red- handed by Mr. Whitaker and tried to shoot him but  Mr Whitaker ducked and was all right. That’s when Mrs. Whitaker screamed. The thief quickly slipped out of the window. When they called the police dept. The police said they would do what they could. 

When they thought it was a lost cause, there was a rap at the door. Mr. Whitaker opened the door. There was no one there. When Mr. Whitaker looked down the hall of the apartment building, he saw the bottom of a black trench coat,and the shine of a leather boot whip around the corner and vanish from sight. 

The Shadow Man's story continues to spread throughout the century. No one has seen him in years. But he is still there watching the children play in the daylight- watching, waiting. He will be seen again. And his story may have a chapter two.

(Assignment for Lesson # 5 - Setting)

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