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Officer Sean's Case, Chap. 3

Officer Sean's Case
Hannah Aldrich
(age 13)

Chapter 3

I woke up as the stars began to melt away from the sky. I saw that Jane had already left the room. I looked to see what time it was. It's 9:00 AM! What?! Why did I sleep so long? I can't believe my alarm didn't go off. I throw the covers in the air and Jumped up. I shouldn't have stood up so quickly. I got dizzy instantly. I sat down again until it subsided. I went down the stairs.

Good morning Sean”. Said Jane as I went into the kitchen.

Why did you let me sleep so late?” I asked.

I figured you needed the sleep so when I got up this morning, I unset your alarm.” Uuhh!

Thanks Jane, but just don't do that again.” I said that rather harshly. I was so annoyed. I sighed loudly. I waited a moment.. “Sorry, Jane. I just need to get some fresh air.” I got a cup of coffee then went out to the porch. The Texas sun was rising. My breath rouse into the air in a puffy steam. I took a deep breath and let it out rather exaggeratedly. Jane came out on the porch and sat on the same step I was sitting on. She looked at me. I avoided her gaze and looked to the side. She laid her hand on my knee.

Sean?” She said. 

I was forced to look at her. I just stared at her in silence with a tired expression. 

“What's the matter?” She asked. I did not want to answer that question.

I.( Sigh).I miss work.” I said slowly. “I mean..I love that I get to spend more time with you and Anna but....”

But what?” She asked farther.

I miss my co-workers. I Miss the action and my office.”

Well why did you not tell me?” “I'll tell you what, I'll go get Anna out of bed and when I come downstairs you be ready to go and we'll go over to the station.” I tried not to look to exited, but on the inside I was doing cartwheels. I got up and went to get my Boots on. I grabbed my uniform I had crammed into the way back of the closet because I didn’t want to look at it anymore. I was dressed in a snap. When Jane came down with the baby I was grabbing the keys to my cruiser.

Wow!” your going all out aren’t you? She teased. '

Hey Anna?” “You want to ride in a police car?” I said to little Anna. She made a noise as though she understood. I opened the door for my wife. I swiped the diaper bag off of the counter as I closed the door. I jogged and caught up with Jane. I opened the back door and tried to buckle in Anna's seat.

I'll do that.” Said Jane. 

I backed away and turned my back so Jane could not see my face inflamed with with rage. It was so annoying when she took over. I had regained all my strength sense the incident. I scrunched up my face.

Alright, you ready to go?” Her words jerked me back into my happy mood. I was finally going to the station again!

We pulled in and I stumbled out of the police car. I opened the backseat door to the cruiser. I Went to pickup Anna in her car seat. Jane gave me a stern look.

Ok, ok fine!” I grunted. She unbuckled Anna and lifted her out of the car. I opened the door to the Station. When I entered the Station the first person I saw was Dave. “Dave!” I hastily walked over to him and hugged him with my right arm ( my left one was still in a sling.)

Hey buddy!” Said Dave patting me on the back. “What are you doing here?” Asked David. Jane cut in.

He was a little work sick.”

Oh?” Said Dave.

No I just wanted to come over and see how it was going.” I said. I looked down at my feet and blushed. I don't want the guys to think I am a baby. I went to go see the sheriff and knocked on his office door.

come in.” came his deep thunder-like voice. He did not look up from the file he was reading. I took a seat in the chair across from his. He glanced up and almost fell out of his chair.“Sean!” “What are you doing here!?” “Not that I’m unhappy to see you but your supposed to be resting your arm.”

Well.. I um..” I searched for words. I was at a loss of something to say. The silence rolled on. “I...I..Uhh....” “What was I going to say?” “This is so embarrassing.”

“ well?” Asked the sheriff.

“ I just wanted to come see how everything was going and to tell you the doc said I could come back to work for three days a week starting in two weeks.” I found something to say. “ Finally.”

Aah, I see.” “You were work sick weren't you?” My boss said with a small smirk.

“ No I just...”

The sheriff interrupted me. It's okay, we've all been there. Nothing to be ashamed of.” “ how are you doing?” “If you would like something to help me with I could give you a job for you to do at home.”

My heart felt like it was going to fall on the floor in surprise.

“ you really have something for me to do!?” “That would be great!”

“ Haha.” chuckled my boss. “here is a few files I would like you to read and see what you can find out.” “when you are done you can call me and I'll send one of the other officers to pick them up or if you feel you can make the trip you can drop them off and I'll give you a few more.” “would you like to do that?”

Of course!” I was so excited. I thought I was going to dance.

“ alright then.” “here you go.” he passed me three files.

Thank you so much sheriff, I'll be done with them shortly.” I stuffed the files under my sling so I would not drop them, and shook his hand with my free hand and exited the office. I went to find out where Jane had wandered off to. I found her talking to Jake who was a sucker for babies. We called him Anna's uncle even though we aren't related. He had the small bundle in his arms and was talking to her in the most annoying squeaky voice ever.

Hey Jake, how's it going?” I asked

“ Oh, it's great.” “Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE you daughter?” Said Jake.

“ About a million times, and then some, Jake yes.” I said.

“ How are you doing?” asked Jake.

I sighed, tired of the question. I forced a smile and said, “ I am doing fine thank you.” I turned to Jane. “ You ready?” I asked.

“ Yes.” “Are you?” She said.

“ Yeah, I think so.” “May I?” I asked holding my hand out to Jake. Jake gave me a lip and held the baby away from me to be silly. “Come on, Uncle Jake.” I said holding my hand out farther.

Okay, fine.” said Jake and he handed me the half-asleep baby. I held her on my chest with my able arm.

Bye, Jake.” “See you later.” I said to Jake as I turned around. I was surprised Jane did not demand I give the baby to her. I saw Dave outside and picked up my pace. “Hey, Dave!”I said when I got outside in a whisper kind of shout so not to wake little Anna. Dave turned around and looked at me.

What's up pal?” asked Dave approaching me. Before we had come here we decided to asked David to come over for dinner.

Do you and your wife want to come for supper tonight?” I asked.

Well sure!” “That would be great!” “Stephanie can make her famous rolls and bring em over!” Afford David.

Alright, great!” “See you tonight then?” I asked.
It's a date.” said Dave.

My shoulder started to hurt a little. I went over to my cruiser and asked Jane to open he back door.

You sure you don't want me to take her?” asked Jane.

No I'm fine.” I said placing my sleeping daughter in her warm car-seat. I buckled her in and closed the door, then opened the passenger-side door for Jane. I walked around the front of the police car and opened my door. I could still drive with one hand. (Though I probably shouldn’t.) I buckled with a bit of trouble and turned the key in the ignition. We were on our way down the street. My shoulder was a little sore now. Probably all of the driving and exertion. 

(to be continued)

(original and unedited)

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