Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Reason for Hunger

A sestina is specific style of poetry - using a set pattern of rhyming words.

The Reason for Hunger
Zachoia Cooper
(age 16)

If people were never hungry,
People would never work.
Why would they bank, or haul
Loads of limber from place
To place, or  become an engineer?
Hunger is an equalizer; it compels all.

No matter where, in earth all
Labor to be elite. They are hungry
For success, yet they are never near
It. Always busy, never stopping work
Trying to get ahead, get to a better place
Wanting to be ready, stable over the long haul.

They want a house with stairs, a hall
Lined with bedrooms, a kitchen with all
The latest appliances so their place
Is complete and they will never be hungry
For more stuff. They continue to work
Convinced that their goal is attainable, near.

Do people want a souvenir
To take to heaven, to bring a haul
Of possessions to God? “My work
Accumulated this.” Says God, “All
Things are mine.  I made you hungry,
But not for you to bring items to this place.

“I’ve given each human a place
In their soul for Me. If they come near
To Me, I will too. I made them hungry
So their labor would bring a haul
Of glory to Me. How? All
Work from my images vaunts My work.

"My industry shows through their work.

I have put each person in the perfect place,
Whether they work with a computer, an awl

Or a phone, as a craftsman, or auctioneer.
Gain is knowledge of me, not an haul 

Of cash. That is why I made them hungry."

Tis the work of the appetite, when it is near
To place a worker outside his hall
And drive him to labor: for all are hungry.
(Proverbs 16:26)

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