Saturday, February 18, 2017

White Out

DJ McKenzie
(age 13)

The bus skidded to a stop in front of the Pritchard house. Jordan and Jason Tumbled out of the bus, and tried to run on the slick driveway. Slipping and sliding, they finally made it to the door. Before they could reach the doorknob, it turned and the door was opened. Their sister, Jessie, was on the opposite side of the door, holding a little kitten. Jordan and Jason were twins who went everywhere together. They were eleven years old and had no interest in being any older, but wanted to be astronauts. Jessie loved animals. She had three hamsters, five fish, six kittens, and a dog. She was fourteen years old and wanted to be a vet when she grew up. Jordan and Jason ran to the kitchen table, where their mom and dad were sitting.

“Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!” Jason yelled abruptly.

“Gosh, Jason, inside voice,” said Jessie.

“Sorry,” Jason replied.

“Hey, Mom, can Anthony spend the night tonight?” Jordan asked.

 “No, Honey, we have to leave for swimming tomorrow morning at 8:30, remember?”

“Oh right, I forgot.”

Jason and Jordan loved swimming, they were on one of the best swimming teams in the state. Jason and Jordan raced upstairs to their bedroom. They plopped down on their beds and bounced.

“I don’t really want to go to swimming tomorrow,” said Jason

“Me either. I’d rather Anthony spend the night.”

“We could pretend we’re sick,” Jason suggested.

“No, that won’t work. If we were sick we wouldn’t go to swimming, and Anthony wouldn’t be able to come over either.”

“Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that. I hope it snows tomorrow so we can’t go to swimming.”

“Me too.”

The next day arrived with the sun shining bright. Jason and Jordan got up and ate a quick breakfast of eggs and bacon.

“Well it doesn’t look like it’s gonna snow today,” said Jordan feeling very disappointed.

“Yeah. Oh well, you can’t get out of everything.” Just then their mom walked up to them.

“I need to run some errands and I won’t be back in time to bring you to swimming, so dad is going to take you, and Jessie will come too.”

“Why is Jessie coming?” Jason asked.

“She has volley ball practice.” Mom rushed out the door and drove away.

“Well that just happened,” said Jordan. “Now we’re stuck with Dad and Jessie. Great.”

It was 8:30 and time to leave. Jason and Jordan were in the car waiting for Jessie and their dad. Once they were all in the car, they backed out of the driveway.

“Look, Jason, it’s starting to get cloudy. Maybe it will snow!”

“I doubt it.”

They were just about half way there when suddenly it started to snow, really really hard!

“I can’t see ten feet in front of me!” their dad exclaimed.

There was a small ditch to the right, and giant fields to the left, the only problem was, they couldn’t see either side. Driving slowly they came to a curve. Suddenly the car started to drift toward the ditch, and then… White out!

None of them could see a thing, they had no idea where they were going, until they felt a thud. “Dad, what just happened?” asked Jason.

“I think we’ve gone off the road, son. I’ll have to call a tow truck.” He turned off the car in case the exhaust pipe was blocked up. Then he pulled out his phone, and dialed a number.

After talking on the phone, he told everyone they should get out of the car and try to flag someone down. They all stepped out, and agreed that since it may take a while for the tow truck to arrive, they should try to start a fire to keep themselves warm and cozy. Jason went to find some fire wood, and Jordan found a place for the fire. When Jason returned with the wood, he found Jordan digging in the snow.

“Well, we got our wish. It’s snowing.” said Jason.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Jason threw the wood down where the snow had been cleared. Jessie and their dad were waiting for a car to come along, but no one came. It wasn’t a particularly busy road, and with the snow it was even less busy. Their dad came to start the fire, and told Jason to go get more wood. Jason went into the woods and started looking for some good sticks. He had been looking for about three minutes, when he heard something. It sounded like sticks breaking. He turned around and was shocked by what he saw. Two wolves were standing there, easing closer. He let out a yell of fright!

Back at the road, Jordan had been working on keeping the fire going. Jessie had seen a few cars, but they all ignored her. Their dad was waiting at the tree line for Jason, when he heard a yell!

Jason’s feet couldn’t move as he watched the wolves coming closer and closer. The wolves started running at him. He turned and started to run, but the wolves were faster than him! They were gaining quickly. He started to run out of breath. Just as he was about to give up, he heard something else coming from the other direction. Had the wolves circled him? Was he going to get eaten by wolves?

Suddenly his dad burst out of the bushes in front of him, carrying a big stick. He bashed one of the wolves on the head, and smacked the other across the face. The beasts ran away with their tails tucked between their legs. Jason thanked his dad countless times as they headed back to the road.

When they got back, the tow truck was waiting there, and so was their mom. They put out the fire and headed home. They all stayed home the rest of the day and didn’t want to drive in a blizzard ever again.

                                                                                     THE END 

(Assignment Lesson #12 - Climax)

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