Saturday, March 18, 2017


Poetry is found everywhere. 
It shows the emotions of the heart. 
No where is more keenly felt than at death.  

Here are two very poignant poems, 
written by 
Zachoia Cooper 
(age 17)

Do I miss the silvery oak 
Or the flower’s efflorescence?
The river’s spry flowing
The quartz’s soft glowing?
Because the moment I woke
In heaven, I saw the quintessence
Of beauty: knowing 
my Savior when I saw his face.

Do I miss the swaying stars, 
The radiance of the sun
At precisely noon,
The curved, sharp white moon?
Adorned with nail-shaped scars
Jesus Christ, God’s risen Son
Who’ll return to earth soon,
Lights heaven with his grace.

And you. 
Do I miss you? The many days
We’d laugh and talk and feel
The specialness of a bond
That always held strong?
Though paused, in many ways
Our state of friendship is ideal
We'll share heaven's celestial song.
Our true home is this place.

A Short Life Still Leaves 
Enduring Mourning

(Assignment for Lesson # 20 - Poetry Lessons, Epitaphs)

If you are between the ages of 13 -18,
(or know someone who likes to write stories)
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