Saturday, October 21, 2017


 Gracelyn Beaulieu
(age 15)

When I was around six or seven years old, I really wanted my own dog.  My sister had gotten a poodle, border- collie mix when she was eight.  My dad also had a German shepherd named Buddy. Sugar, my sister’s dog, was very sweet and loved almost everyone, and Buddy was a good protective dog. He would follow Dad to work every day. Even though we had two wonderful dogs, I still wanted my own dog. 

Finally, one day, Dad told me that after Buddy died I could get a dog. I was so very happy!  I did not want Buddy to die though. When we were on vacation, my other sister called us. She said that Buddy was very sick and could not stay standing up. Dad had to go home and take him to the vet to be put down. I felt so sad.

In October of 2011, when I was eight, Dad and Mom approached me and said we would go look for a dog. They had already looked at Mainely Puppies in Oxford, Maine, which only sells small dogs. They told me I might not get a dog that day, but we would look. I really wanted a cute, small puppy so I could always hold it. We went to Mainely Puppies which sells adorable dogs, but it stinks there!

When we walked in I saw this dachshund, Pomeranian, and shih tzu mix. I immediately thought I did not want him, because he seemed unkind to me and barked a lot. He had a brother, which did not look like him. He was very cute, though. I tried holding other puppies, and Mom suggested I hold him. Well, I did, and I immediately loved him. He was so sweet! I walked out with him.  He is a long-haired dog, and sheds a lot. He is black with some brown on his paws and eyebrows.  Sometimes he sounds like a hound dog when he barks, because dachshund is a hound.

 On our way home, my family asked me what I would name him. I thought of a family who was moving to a different state that were good friends of ours. Their last name is Thompson. I decided to name him Thomas, not thinking that that name is in the Bible. I am glad it was also a Bible name.

Thomas was very scared, at first, in our home. He would bite me sometimes. Then it came to him, that I fed him and took care of him. He loves licking me a lot. He loves me and my family, but very few other people.

He is very protective of me. He would bite people’s ankles off if he had to. Thomas does not like children or men, mostly. He is very mean to them, which is too sad. Children would love to pet him, because of his cuteness, but not of his mannerism. He dislikes being cornered and forced to let someone pet him. One man did that, and Thomas bit him. It served the man right!

Thomas was six years old on May 8th of this year.  Next month we will have him for six years.  I am blessed to have my own dog now for six years.


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