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True Friendship

True Friendship
Gracelyn Beautlieu

Once upon a time there was a girl named Celia that grew up in Oklahoma on a ranch. Celia learned to ride a horse when she was six years old.  Her dad, a rancher, had several horses.  The family owned a golden retriever named Shadow which loved Celia.  He loved playing outdoors, getting the mail with her, and protecting his young mistress. 

  When Celia was eight, she and her family went to visit her oldest sister Carolyn at Heartland Baptist Bible College. It was about four hours from where they lived.  At the church, a girl named Fidelia made her feel at home immediately.  She asked her if she wanted to go to her Sunday School class.  Celia loved making good friends. At her sisters’ graduation she saw Fidelia again.

One time, Celia wrote to Fidelia and asked her if she wanted to come ride horses. For Celia’s tenth birthday her dad bought her a beautiful brown mustang. She named it Friendship.  They rode horses together.  Fidelia was a very good friend.

One day Celia’s parents told their family they were moving to Maine.  They realized it was the Lord’s will for them to encourage a pastor and his family who had visited their church. They were going to live on a farm, but not with a lot of horses. Even though Celia knew it was the Lord’s will, she felt so sad. They had to sell all their horses except Friendship.  They also kept Shadow.  It was so hard for Fidelia and Celia to part, but they knew they would see each other again in Heaven, if not on earth. Fidelia comforted and encouraged Celia that God would be with them even when they don’t know anyone else.   Celia and Fidelia wrote to each other for a while, sometimes once a week.   

With God’s help, Celia adjusted to a new home, church, and good friends. Their new pastor, Pastor Jones, had two daughters who Celia and her sister Lillian became good friends with.  With the business of high school, Fidelia and Celia stopped writing. They did not forget each other, though.  When Celia was sixteen she got a letter from Fidelia. She told her they were moving to the Africa to be missionaries.

Celia and Fidelia were twenty when they next met. Celia went to New England Baptist College in Connecticut.  There she found out that her roommate was Fidelia.  They regained their friendship that they had in the past.  They were both going to college to become missionaries. Fidelia and Celia were going to work with deaf and orphaned children in Africa.\

(Assignment for Lesson #5 - Basic Writing Lessons, Setting)

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