Saturday, February 24, 2018

Dancing with Poetry

Poetry is the best way to describe dancing.
Zachoia Cooper loves both.

Pas de Deux

When she jumps, he lifts--
His and her muscles straining.
Together, they pose
A swan on a pedestal
For a moment, she flies

Falling Leaves

I was there—
When leaves of gold
Golden leaves, I mean
Hung, mysterious, in between
Not on the tree, in sky, on ground
But in the air, twirling round
I was there!

I was there
Gawking at the leaves
That hit my windshield.
I think they were searching for the field
Of corn on the side of the road
(Tis the perfect winter abode.)
I was there!

Zachoia has a new book coming soon!

If you are between the ages of 13 -18,
(or know someone who likes to write stories)
I would like to post your story here.
Send me an email. I'd love to read your story!

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Kitty said...

This is beautiful! I absolutely love it!
~Hannah Aldrich (Aka Kitty)