Saturday, May 5, 2018

Moon Seeker the Mustang Filly

Moon Seeker the Mustang Filly
Kayla Jones
(age 16)

     Against the icy night, the warm, bright sun peaked from under a mountain peak. It rose silently and softly, easing the chilly earth into light and warmth. Under the sun, the dusty colored horse, Desert Streak, lay on the damp grass giving birth. This was her fourth foal, and the experienced mare knew just what to do. Her herd was standing a respectful distance away, keeping guard over Desert Streak. 

The lead stallion, Lion Hide, paced around the herd anxiously. He was worried. Desert Streak in her old age would struggle with this delivery, which would surely be her last. The black stallion was named Lion Hide from his battle with a mountain lion, in which he barely won. The scars from the battle still show on this dark, shiny hide. The stallion neighed, pawed the ground, and trotted around.

     Desert Streak finally gave birth. The mare snorted a sigh of relief, and lay her small head on the grass, catching her breath. Lion Hide came up to her, and nuzzled her face, as if to say Get up, your foal needs you! 

     The mare slowly got to her feet and licked her foal clean. It was a filly. She had a beautiful star on her forehead. Her hide was a bright bay, the perfect combination of her mother’s dusty coat, and her father’s dark one. The filly loved the warmth her mother’s wet tongue as it licked her whole body clean and dry. Desert Streak walked away from her foal and started to graze on some sweet grass nearby. The filly whinnied to her. Where are you going? I want warmth! Desert Streak nickered back: Come to me, little one. Here you will find warm milk.    

     The filly staggered onto her feet and took a step forward. She tumbled down onto the grass. She got up again, and this time stepped forward without falling. She took another couple steps toward her mother and reached her side. The filly nuzzled up to Desert Streak’s flank and nursed. The milk warmed up her system and gave her energy. Desert Streak stood perfectly still as she nursed, occasionally flicking some flies away with her wispy tail.

     After a few hours when the sun was up high in the sky Lion Hide moved the herd higher up the mountain. By now, the little filly was galloping to-and-fro, teasing her older half-siblings, and splashing in a gurgling stream. As the herd continued their climb, Lion Hide walked beside Desert Streak. He wanted to make sure the old mare would make it all the way to the top. They did, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset atop the high meadow. 

     The day became night. The stars twinkled, and the moon started it’s solemn reign in the sky. The filly snorted, and asked her mother, What is that big ball in the sky? Desert Streak neighed back, That is the moon, young one. It rises and falls every night. The filly neighed loudly, I want to see the moon every night! The horses in the herd tossed their heads and pawed the ground in agreement. The old mare then looked down at her bright filly. You shall be called Moon Seeker, little one, for you long to see the moon every night! Moon Seeker neighed and reared, all in joy of belonging, and the excitement of living.

(Assignment for Lesson # 3)

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