Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Tiny Field Mouse

The Tiny Field Mouse

Xavier Colfer (age 13)
        Once there was a field mouse. He had a cozy little burrow under an oak tree, with tiny furniture and a little pantry. This burrow was in a campground with many people in it. There was lots of action and plenty of fun. There was a rec hall, a playground, an office, and a pool.

        One day the field mouse was out on one of his routine food gatherings. He was picking some dandelion greens, when he looked up and saw a hawk! The hawk was swooping down at him with his claws outstretched. The little mouse jumped, dropping his greens, and ran as fast as he could from the hawk. The little mouse was too scared to see where he was going, and without seeing it, he fell into the pool! He splashed into the water, sputtering for breath when he came up.

       The hawk came close to the water but didn't want to get wet. He gave up and flew away, but the mouse wasn't safe yet. The tiny mouse swam around the pool, but couldn't find a way to climb out. He kept searching, but he was getting tired. The tiny mouse kept paddling with everything he had in him.

        The little mouse was losing hope, when some humans got into the pool. They swam around without noticing him, but then they looked over at him. They had seen him! One of the humans paddled over and lifted the little mouse up onto the grass. The tiny mouse had been saved!

        The tiny mouse lay there, exhausted, while the humans came and looked at him. Eventually the little mouse recovered enough to get up. The humans stood there and watched him walk away toward his burrow. When he got there, he dried off and relaxed from the exciting and terrifying day.

(Assignment for lesson #3 of Basic Writing Lessons)

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