Saturday, June 23, 2018

"The Lake Log"

The Lake Log
Xavier Colfer
(age 13)

January 21, 2018
          I have always loved this lake in the winter. Light from the sun sparkles off the snow, and the ice usually gets pretty thick. I like to use this lake when it is frozen to snowmobile on. It is very wide open, and has a lot of space to roam on. I also use it to get across to my grandmother in the winter. It is quicker to go across than around, and then I can give my grandmother some company in the lonely, cold months.
          Today I was heading across the lake on my snowmobile as usual, when I heard a pop from underneath me. The lake had started to fracture around me! Luckily I put on the speed and got away, but as a warning, always be careful, and pay attention to what's going on!
- Mr. Brook

February 10, 2018
          I am an Olympic skater. Skating is my life, and I love it. It was my mom who instilled the love of skating in me. She had started ice skating when she was young, and she started bringing me to this lake to skate when I was four. Soon I was in love with it. I didn't know then that I would one day go to the Olympics, but I persevered, and tried really hard to get better. I tried to be at this lake every day I could in the winter, even if there was a snow storm. I got uncountable bruises, a couple concussions, and a few cases of frostbite, but it was worth it in the end.
          I am very thankful for this lake, and even more thankful for my mom who supported me through the years.
-Miss Sally

May 7, 2018
          The ice has just gone out from the lake. The sun shines its bright light happily after the long winter months. The lake, free from its icy bonds, reflects the glorious blue color from the sky.
          That’s what we observed out on the lake today when we went fishing for the first time this year. The lake and the sky seemed so happy and in harmony with each other today. The fish were awake from the cold season, and we caught many of them. We caught a bass so large, we are going to bring it to the taxidermist so we can hang it on the wall! We like this lake very much, and will be fishing in it for the rest of the summer.
-The Peterson Family

July 16, 2018
          Have you ever noticed how the water makes a rainbow when the sun beams collide with its showery mist? Have you ever looked at the water's surface and seen how the sunlight shines off it, how bright it can be?
          When we were out in our motorboat today, we saw these things as we zoomed along the surface of the water, splashing sheets in a V shape behind us. This lake is very large and open with beautiful scenery. It is the perfect lake for boating on, and we'll be doing that again soon!
-The Tyler Family

August 3, 2018
          Today we were at the lake swimming. It was a cool, refreshing break in the roasting summer day. Today we thought the disturbances in the water were very cool and interesting; how big or little they could be. When you waded in, little ripples would float away from you in close rings. When you jumped off one of the docks into the water, there would be a large splash, and then the water would flow away from you in bigger, more separated rings. We love this lake and will continue enjoying it.
-The Colander Family


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