Saturday, January 19, 2019

Evan's Special Chicken


Evan's Special Chicken 
Gracelyn Beaulieu
(age 16)

Chickens are fun pets to have!  Having chickens is very entertaining. One time we had a mean rooster who flew into the fly tape we had up in our chicken coop.  It was quite a funny sight!  He did deserve it, poor guy.  We were able to take it off after a few minutes.  Often there is excitement of some kind, whether if one gets hurt, has bugs, or lays an egg.  The rooster will surely come when his hens squawk.

Once upon a time there was a 14-year-old boy named Evan who loved chickens and after some time, his family finally got some.  He cared for his chickens with much love and care.  He cleaned their coop every two days.  He also checked their food and water at least twice a day.  Whenever one wasn’t well, Evan would feed it by hand, patiently.  Six of his chickens were bought fully grown ready to lay, but two of his chickens were bought as chicks.  Evan named his cute chicks Copper and Sunshine.  Sunshine became Evan’s favorite chicken.  He taught it to come when he called its name.  Sunshine came to him at the first sight like a dog would.

One day, a hawk came when Evan was in the chicken coop.  It was coming right towards Sunshine!  Quickly, Evan threw a rock at the hawk, which scared him away.  To Evan, his chicken Sunshine was just as important as a dog.  She laid her eggs very faithfully. 

When Evan was eighteen, he could not find his hen anywhere.  After a few days, he gave up hope that it would come back.  He realized that a hawk or fox must have taken her.   It was so sad for him.  He remembered Job 1:21b, which says, “The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”  It was hard to accept the fact that Sunshine had died, but Evan thanked God for his special chicken.  When his family bought new chickens later, he named one Sunshine.

Sometimes we have animals and people who come and go in our lives.  We should always recall Job and his attitude.  God brings things into our lives to teach us something or to be a companion.  We need to remember that relationships on earth may be here for years and then leave, but a relationship with God will be forever.

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