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"Good Friends"

Good Friends
Grace Beaulieu
(age 16)

Once upon a time there was a girl named Priscilla who had freckles.  She did not just have freckles, but also red hair.  She literally despised the way she looked.  Her parents told her she looked beautiful, which was very true.  They told her God made her that way, and His creation was very beautiful.  She did not believe her parents because she was too selfish.  She thought her looks were bad.  When Priscilla was twelve, her parents got her braces because her teeth were crooked.  She did not like her teeth but did not like the look of braces with freckles and red hair.  But she thought it was better than having crooked teeth. 
                Priscilla had two good friends named Anna and Erica.  They were really kind towards her.
One day Anna said to Priscilla, “You are very pretty; I wish I could have red hair.”
Agreeing, Erica said, “Yes, someday I hope to have a red- haired daughter with freckles, but not braces since they are expensive.” 
Even though Priscilla went to church every week and was taught how coveting and selfishness were wrong and that you should be happy the way God made you, she would not listen.  She was taught well at her Christian school and at her church.  Her parents were quite concerned for her ways and thoughts, especially since she only loved going to church to see her friends.
                One day, when Priscilla was thirteen, there was a new boy who came to school.  Andrew, who was fifteen, loved to tease- especially girls.  When he saw Priscilla, he thought she was beautiful, but teased her instead.  He told her, “Why bother have braces? You would look prettier with your crooked teeth with that red hair.  Your face looks like a red pepper with moldy spots.”   He was trying to get her attention, and he got it all right.  She kicked him!  
Scolding him, her friends told him how she thought about herself.  They said that she would never be satisfied with her looks.  That incident changed Andrew.  He wondered what he could do to apologize.  He felt so bad for what he had said.  Andrew thought she was the prettiest girl he ever saw but didn’t dare say so.
                Priscilla did not go back to school for a whole week, because she was embarrassed at what had happened.  All morning, she ignored Andrew, and at lunch she took off to a nearby walking bridge.  It was her favorite spot since it was so pretty.  Andrew came up behind her, which startled her. 
Andrew said, “Please don’t leave.  I have something to say.”
Priscilla said, “Okay, I won’t.  But, hurry, I do not have much time.  I have to get back to school.”
“I feel really bad about what I said last week.  It was not nice, and I will not do it again. When your friends told me about what you thought of yourself, I wanted to take my words back.  God makes beautiful things and when one does not like their looks, it is belittling God’s creation.  God loves us so much and He is so good to us that we should praise Him for making His creation.  He made us!  I am very sorry for what I said.  I can understand if you do not want to forgive me, since I hurt you.  You are pretty, since God made you that way,” said Andrew.
Crying, Priscilla replied, “I have been such a fool to think that God should have made me differently.  I realize that I need to trust Him as my Saviour. I do forgive you for what you have said.  Because you teased me, I trusted in Christ.  Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you that way.”

They became good friends.  Priscilla was very glad about her red hair and freckles and never complained again about how she looked.

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