Saturday, November 14, 2015

Berry Picking

 Berry Picking
Ashley Jones
(age 17)

     Elizabeth grabbed her basket as she hurried out the door. She promised the neighbor girl that she would only have to stay with the napping children about an hour. "If I can just get those berries," she mumbled to herself as she was entering the wooded path.

     "Samuel used to find the plumpest, juiciest blackberries somewhere around here."

     Any money that had been left after Samuel's death six months ago was now long gone. Elizabeth had prayed hard about some way to earn enough money for necessities. "I guess this will have to do as long as the berry season lasts," she sighed. "If I can even find them!"

     On Elizabeth trudged through the forest path, until she finally reached a clearing. Several large bushes heavy-laden with blackberries lay before her. "Any of the neighbors would be glad to buy these big berries," she proudly stated. Elizabeth's basket very quickly began to fill as her mood started to lighten. Soon, she was softly singing Samuel's favorite song.

     Pleased with her quick progress, Elizabeth turned around to face the warm August breeze. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something dark. When she turned her head she nearly shrieked at what she saw. Elizabeth's feet couldn't move as she watched the bear coming closer and closer. Not sure what to do, Elizabeth just stood still, frozen in her spot next to the berry bushes. The bear was at arm's length when it jerked its head the other way. She noticed the bear's skinny body. "It must be hungry," she thought amidst her intense fear. The bear turned back to face her for what seemed an eternity. Slowly, the bear again turned around, but this time it began to walk away. Elizabeth wasted no time in getting away. She ran back through the woods toward home, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks. When she was back inside the safety of her house relief flooded her soul. She dismissed the neighbor girl before she had time to ask what had happened.

   Elizabeth went about sweeping the kitchen floor until she realized her berry basket had not returned home with her. She set aside the broom as laughter overtook her. "I guess I will have to think of some other way to earn money. At least God kept me safe through the experience!"

  It was quite a while before Elizabeth would go berry-picking, and although the bear, satisfied with his berry-feast, never bothered her again.

(assignment for Lesson # 12 of Polliwog Writing Lessons)

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