Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Funny Boy

The Funny Boy
Gracelyn Beaulieu

Once upon a time there was a boy named Clyde. He thought of some funny things and did some funny things. Often, he would come up with jokes. His hobby was to make people laugh. Sometimes, he would not even do it on purpose. While playing outside games he would fall so often in such funny ways. Even he would laugh.
One day his mom was reading to him and his twin sister, Cassidy, when he discovered something. He and his sister were sitting on the living room rug, listening to their mom read about the Civil War. He lay down on the rug and started laughing. Of course, his sister wanted to know what was so funny.
“Why are you laughing?” said Cassidy.
“Children, are you listening? Listen to the lesson,” said their mom.
Clyde kept covering his mouth to not laugh out loud, but then he just burst out laughing.
“What is so funny, Clyde?” said their mom.
Cassidy was thinking, Finally I get to know what is so funny!
Clyde said, “Have you ever seen someone talking while looking at them upside down? Mom looked so funny while she was reading to us. Lie down, and look at Mom while she reads, Cassidy.”
Soon both children were laughing so hard that their mother thought they did not get anything out of the lesson. It looked completely backwards, like she was talking upside down. It is one of the things that just tickles someone’s funny bone and you can’t help but laugh.
(Assignment for Lesson #13 - Silly Stories)

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